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For Love of Fae Box Set Just #99cents for a Limited Time!

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Step into the faery realm:  Here, it is, what is…

Sweet Magic Song (For Love of Fae Book One): Belle Bittner was sold to the highest bidder when she was just a child, sought for the magic lying dormant in her blood. She grew up as the adopted daughter of a wealthy vampire couple, and serving the child-trafficking Org seemed her only option in life. But Belle has other plans, and she won’t let anyone get in the way of her escape, even if it means betraying those who try to help her.

Transcendent (For Love of Fae Book Two): To the Women on the Hill McKenna is a spy who sails the nightwind to keep close tabs on her people. In truth, McKenna is a double operative, an integral part of an underground rebellion. The Women are secretly bleeding the fae of their powers then banishing them to the Island Anethemusa; but the Dissenters, rebels who suffer under the crushing power of the Women, mean to put an end to their reign.

A Dangerous Season (For Love of Fae Book Three):The faery realm is in a frenzy now that the Women on the Hill are no longer united in power. The fabric of life as the fae know it is changing, and with it the dynamics of friends, lovers and neighbors.

plus, One Bite Paradise (A Bend-Bite-Shift Short): Jill’s wish gave Doc a new chance at life – literally. Almost a decade of years have passed since Jill watched her lover get killed and now that time is like a chasm between them. Can they learn how to make One Bite of Paradise become an eternity?

About the Author:FotoFlexer_Photo

When Olivia Hardin started having movie-like dreams in her teens, she had no choice but to begin putting them to paper. Before long, the writing bug had bitten her, and she knew she wanted to be a published author. Several rejections plus a little bit of life later, she was temporarily “cured” of the urge to write. That is, until she met a group of talented and fabulous writers who gave her the direction and encouragement she needed to get lost in the words again.

Olivia has attended three different universities over the years and toyed with majors in Computer Technology, English, History and Geology. Then one day she heard the term “road scholar,”’ and she knew that was what she wanted to be. Now she “studies” anything and everything just for the joy of learning. She’s also an insatiable crafter who only completes about 1 out of 5 projects, a jogger who hates to run, and she’s sometimes accused of being artistic.

A native Texas girl, Olivia lives in the beautiful Lone Star state with her husband, Danny and their puppy, Bonnie.

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#Triviatuesday or your friendly Texan Public Service Announcement

This weeks #triviatuesday post is more like a public service announcement so bear with me…

Texas History is awesome. I mean, absolutely, positively ah-mazing. If you’re a Texan, you learned it in school. If you’re not, you probably learned it from books, legends and movies. So, please, please if you’re watching the History Channel’s Texas Rising, know that it is really just so much hyperbole and Hollywood salaciousness. If you want a better picture of Texas History, I have two recommendations for you.  These are still “edutainment” type productions, in that there is much entertaining interpretation involved, but certainly of a higher ilk than the History Channel’s production.

Check out Gone to Texas, staring Sam Elliott

And best of all, Gone to Texas was produced by JD Feigelson who might be better known for his horror flick, Dark Night of the Scarecrow.  Feigelson is actually from the Golden Triangle, my home-town area and hubby said he’s a fascinating man in person.

Second, and yes this is a plug for my terrific spouse, Danny Sessums, but if you go to San Antonio, Texas you should head over to the IMAX Theater and see Alamo The Price of Freedom.

The hubby actually helped train and lead the Mexican troops for the movie production and always tells the story of how he had to issue orders differently for the three different groups of men portraying Santa Ana’s army: in English, in Castillan Spanish and then in the mix of Spanish/English spoken in Mexico.

So, don’t if you’re interested in Texas history, check these movies out.  And if anyone from the History Channel is watching… its okay to produce a fictional, entertainment only film.  Just don’t do it under the guise of “history.”  I mean, seriously, most of the stuff shown on the history channel today isn’t even remotely related to history in my opinion.  Let’s try to add a bit more educational value, pretty please.