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Olivia’s Music Memory – #MJ #MichaelJackson

Olivia’s Music Memory

Today’s Theme – #MichaelJackson #MJ

Driving into work this morning I was rockin’ the Big 80’s on 8 (gotta love the 80s) and they were giving a tribute to the amazing Michael Jackson in honor of his birthday today.  I am a HUGE MJ fan and I love almost all of his music, but the one that is probably one of my favs if Thriller.

I think it may have been my 14th or 15th birthday when I had a slumber party at our house.  Mom got me a super-cool purple boom box.  And Daddy bought me my first cassette for that boombox… Michael Jackson’s Thriller album.  My girlfriends and I had the best time dancing in my room and I’m pretty sure there were a few times Mom and Daddy might have regretted that gift.  But, Thriller will ALWAYS be a fond memory that I have of my Dad.

So let’s wish HAPPY BIRTHDAY to the King of Pop by sharing a #MusicMemory.   When you think of MJ, what song comes to mind?  Comment here or head over to my Facebook Page and share there!





A World Other Than her Own Blog Tour

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Blog Tour: A World Other Than Her Own

Author: Pamela Harju

Genre: Women’s Fiction/Mystery

Dates: 10th – 15th of August

Hosted by: Ultimate Fantasy Book Tours



What if your only way out was a dead end?

When Claire finds herself in an unfamiliar country mansion with no idea how she got there, she just wants to find a way home. Unfortunately for her, the house has other ideas. Doors slam to cut off her escape, and forces of nature seem to be keeping her hostage. With no way to communicate with the outside world, will she ever find a way back to her loved ones?

If you like captivating, spine-chilling mysteries, step inside this creepy country house…

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Author Bio:

Pamela Harju is the author of The Truth about Tomorrow, which won WriteIntoPrint’s Captivating Opening Contest in 2017. She spends her spare time with her dogs and travelling to see rock bands most people have never heard of. She loves tea, big old houses and tattooed men and is happily unmarried to her partner of many years. A native Finn, Pamela lives in the Irish countryside in an old cottage that’s always threatening to fall apart. She has a full-size dog agility arena in her back garden.

To find out more about Pamela Harju you can visit her at:

Amazon Page: https://www.amazon.com/Pamela-Harju/e/B071HKSP6V

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/pamelaharju

Website: https://www.pamelaharju.com/

Goodreads: https://www.goodreads.com/author/show/14888448.Pamela_Harju

Twitter: https://twitter.com/pamelaharju

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