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The Next Gen Season 1 Soundtrack!

In case you missed it, the SEASON FINALE of the first season of NEXT GEN is releasing in just a few days! (Need to catch up on Next Gen? Check out the sale and giveaway here—–> AWESOME OH)

Yesterday for #MusicMonday I decided to share my inspiration soundtrack for the book… but then technology defeated me! I upgraded my website and in the process lost the blog post. <face palm> So when I realized what happened today, I decided to repost it… because I LOVE all things music and wanted to share with you the fantastic tunes I’ve fallen in love with.

I’ve loved building this playlist since I started writing the Next Gen stories and I even used the first four songs as inspiration for the titles of each book. So, head over to Spotify and give it a listen… then comment or send me a message about which song you love most!