A Rawley Family Romance "Deleted Scene"

As a Merry Christmas thank you, here’s a Rawley Family Romance “Deleted Scene.”

Jeremy found Meg in their room, putting the finishing touches on a few gifts.  She was nothing if not overzealous about gift wrapping.  The three boxes were rectangular, and he imagined they must contain clothing of some sort.  The paper was whimsical of the kind he knew his wife would choose for children, and there was a ribbon crisscrossed on each one with a bow in the center.

 “I thought you were finished with the gifts,” he murmured, sneaking in behind her and pecking one of her rosy cheeks.

 “Oh, Jeremy!  You surprised me.  Well, these are the Christmas Eve gifts for the boys, and at the last minute I decided to extend the tradition for Nichole… er, Michelle.”

 He rubbed his hands on her arms as if warming her up, though he couldn’t imagine she would be cold in the room which had a roaring fire.  His touches were ones of affection, and his wife sighed in contentment, offering him a smile across her shoulder.

 “I didn’t remember you wrapping the Christmas Eve ones before.” 

 She bit her lip, then giggled nervously.  “Well, I don’t, but… well, the truth is I just love watching little ones unwrap presents, and so I decided to wrap the baby’s, and if I wrapped hers, I should do the boys, too.”  She paused and furrowed her brow.  “Don’t you think?”

 Jeremy didn’t dare laugh.  His wonderful wife’s feelings were tender enough as it was, so he nodded seriously and gave her a little squeeze.  “Yes, indeed.”  She didn’t like all of the conflict going on in the house after the blow up between his sister Kay and his cousin Brennan. 

 Jeremy had been just as shocked as his sister when he was told the truth about Hope kidnapping baby Michelle.  But for all of his shock, Kay had been furious, and the resulting argument was explosive to say the least.

 For now, there was a silent truce between all concerned, but the tension was still heavy in the air, and that weighed on Meg.  Her natural reaction was to do something to bring happiness and joy back into their midst.

 “Oh, good.  I was hoping this would be all right.  We’ll let the children open them tonight after dinner then, okay?”

 Meg didn’t wait for him to agree this time, just bundled up her boxes and hurried out of the room, humming some Christmas carol as she went. 

 He knew what the boxes would contain.  Meg’s mother hadn’t been an attentive parent, but she had started a tradition that his wife decided to carry on with their children.  There would be matching holiday pajamas for the boys and probably a holiday nightgown for Michelle.  The little ones would go to sleep in their Christmas outfits, visions of sugar plums dancing in their heads.  He could just about imagine them all the next morning, waking up with funny little bed heads and in green and red PJs. 

His heart warmed, and a grin spread across his face.  Even with the cloud of unsettled emotions going on in Arrington Manor, his wife found a way to shine through it all.  Jeremy thought he would never stop marveling at the way his Meg could do tiny little things each day to make him fall in love with her all over again. 

I hope you enjoyed that little “Return to Arrington Manor” Christmas scene.  And if you haven’t seen them yet, The Rawley Family Romances have an all new look!  In 2016 you’ll get two more Rawley stories!

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And now, how about a little “bonus” Christmas!  The first five who respond to this emaiw will get a $5.00 Amazon gift card!  Tell me about your favorite Christmas tradition?

Merry Christmas everyone and thank you for a fabulous 2015!

Olivia Hardin


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Melanie - December 23, 2015

Making Eggnog *the alcoholic kind lol!!* All the ladies *and sometimes the guys* get together to “perfect!” the recipe …. it involves a lot of tasting *snigger*!!

It makes everything feel RIGHT – You know it’s Christmas because ithat’s the only time we ever make it 🙂

Melanie - December 23, 2015

Sorry …. :/ I hit the enter button before I had chance to say” Thank’s for the lovely gift” and I hope you and your family have a wonderful Christmas and I’ve already put in a special request, with the Christmas Angel, that the New Year brings you Joy, Peace and everything Y’all dream of !! 🙂

Christina Burrus - December 23, 2015

I replied to your email but it came back undeliverable.

circumspect41 - December 23, 2015

My favorite Christmas Tradition is that every year I have all my kids together for one night and we all open presents as a family. With kids from 23, 21, 12, and 6, it is difficult but so worth it!!!

Laura - December 23, 2015

Taking out the Christmas ornament and out old plastic Christmas tree mom bought from her meager single parent salary when we were just babies. Then shopping for one more angel, or tinsel or colored globe or Christmas lights each year. Not I have a missmatched set of ornaments, to which I added my hubby’s from childhood and I can’t wait to share the tradition of filling the house with Christmass cheer with my own babies one day. Happy Hollidays, Olivia !! Keep gifting us with your awesome stories.

Patti Kelsey - December 23, 2015

Putting up the tree and decorating it with the kids

Liette Bougie - December 23, 2015

The preparation of our Asian Holiday Feast, where my sister-in-law and I get together to plan and cook a huge meal for our respective families and those we fondly call our “intruders” – friends of our now grown up children who keep coming to our party, year after year.

Liette Bougie - December 23, 2015

Hit the send button too quickly.
Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to you and your family.

Let's Talk - December 23, 2015

Wearing Christmas pj’s with funny Christmas socks all day Christmas. Lounging around the house until dinner time.

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