All in One Night #TeaserTuesday Post

Did you catch the super surprise release I dropped last week?  This story is a lead into a spectacular event I have planned for next year.  Tamara and Brulie will continue their romance in a crossover duet between the Rawley Family Romances and the Love & Found Series.  Here’s a little snippet to whet your appetite…


“Yeah, I think we did meet,” Kay’s friend said, inclining her head to me.

She had a very attractive blush in her cheeks as we made eye contact.  Her eyes were brown, but when she’d been in my arms earlier just outside the bathroom, I’d seen little green flecks in them that I hadn’t noticed when we met the day before.

One didn’t forget a woman as sexy as Tamara Cheney, so when she’d bumped into me a few minutes ago, I’d known immediately who she was, even if it was clear she hadn’t remembered my name.  The expression on her face had told me she probably knew I was a Rawley, but not much more than that.  It wasn’t surprising.  I was probably the least memorable family member.  But then, I liked it that way… most of the time.

“How can you forget the mountain man here?” Kay chided me, reaching out to scratch at my beard. “Geez, you’d think you might get rid of this thing for your favorite cousin’s wedding.”

I cut my eyes to her with a hint of a laugh on my lips. “I did trim it for you, cuz.  Plus, who said you’re my favorite?”

“You call that a trim?  And yes, I am your favorite.”

I snorted. “If I cut any more off, I’ll freeze to death when I get back home.  Also, I’ve always liked Geneva.”

Kay narrowed her eyes at me. “Geneva?  Really?” She looked over her shoulder, scanning the crowd. “Well, looky, there she is.  Why don’t I just call her over here to sit with you?”

I only grinned, raising the bottle to my lips again.  No one really liked Geneva much, and that wasn’t any wonder.  She tended to drink too much, and when that happened she was nothing short of a hot mess.  Her big problem was that she was always trying to put on a show, to be the most important person in the room.  Which was why Kay disliked her so much.  Neither woman wanted the competition.

Still, I didn’t mind Geneva most of the time.  She’d been nicer to me than she was to most.  And maybe it was because I didn’t talk too much, so she could afford to be more genuine with me than with others.

I glanced over towards the bar where she was sitting alone and narrowed my eyes.  I was almost finished with my beer and thought it might be a good idea to check on her.  Glancing back at Kay, I watched her take Tamara’s glass of wine and bring it to her lips.  Her friend only shook her head, waiting patiently to take it back when she was finished.

“Better go easy.  You’ve got a dance starting in just a few minutes.” Tamara advised with a quirky smile.

Kay waved her hand dismissively, which only made her friend laugh.  It was a nice laugh, sort of soft and melodic with a broad grin on those plump red lips of hers.  I was so mesmerized by it that I was surprised when I heard the smart aleck words she spoke through that smile.

“Fine, you just drink up, girl, and we’ll all sit here and watch you fall on your bony ass.  Bonus points if you take Van down with you.”

I finished my beer and stood, reaching out for Tamara’s now-empty wine glass, but Kay snatched it from me.  She put her hand on Tamara’s shoulder and shoved her into a chair. “Sit your curvy ass down and entertain my cousin while I get you both another drink.”

I took my seat, too, well aware that there was no use arguing with the likes of Kay Rawley.  Tamara fiddled with her nails a minute, rubbing each bright red tip with the pad of her thumb, then turned to look at me with sigh deep enough that the movement drew my attention to the rise and fall of her breasts.  My mother would have called her “well-endowed.”  That would have been an understatement.  My body instantly reacted as I imagined what those breasts might look like in the flesh.

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