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“Geneva! Geneva, wait!”

I was racing through the parking lot when I heard him calling out to me. There was no place to hide since I didn’t have a car, and my Uber ride wouldn’t be here for at least ten minutes.

Closing my eyes in resignation, I groaned. “What?” then turned to confront him with an angry frown. “What now? I don’t have time for fucking games, Rhys.”

He ran towards me, stopping just short of mowing me down and putting his hand atop the Lexus beside me. Panting, he brushed his hair back and frowned. “Games? I’m not playing any games here.”

The hell he wasn’t. But I didn’t want to tell him that. I didn’t want to explain to him what I meant and have him feel sorry for me. Or worse, think I was nothing more than a joke. All I really wanted was to get away from him right now. The man was definitely screwing with my mind.

“Listen, I think I got us off on the wrong foot. I don’t know what I said that made you think I was playing games but that’s not what I’m doing here.”

“Oh really?” I dropped my head to one side and narrowed my eyes at him. “You were clearly watching me in the private room the other day, and when I saw the bottle with your note, I thought ‘Hey, this guy must be interested,’ but then you walked away. And you were all business training me, but then you winked at me. You winked, and I thought maybe, but then you turned away again when I made the …”

His lips choked off the words I’d been about to say. I moaned deep in my throat when his hands cupped my cheeks, and he pressed his body against mine until my rear end hit the side of the car. His tongue dove inside my mouth, sweeping mine and then grazing the edges of my teeth in a way that sent a little shiver up my back.

I whimpered in objection when he pulled away, though he still held my face in his hands as his thumbs stroked my cheeks.

“What did you make?”

“Huh?” My forehead scrunched up in a tight frown.

“I turned away when you made…”

Swallowing, I tried to remember what I’d been saying, but my legs felt a little shaky and my insides seemed to be burning. “Overture. I made the overture.”

He moved his head slowly up and down, his lips coming so close to mine that I could feel their heat. “I wasn’t turning away from the overture. I was considering the best way to progress with us.”

“You were? With us?” My voice seemed inordinately soft as I gazed up into his warm eyes.

“Yeah, I was. And I finally figured it out about ten seconds ago.”


He brought his lips back down to mine, this time brushing tenderly. “I was hoping it would be obvious by the kiss.”

“Oh.” Fuck, I sound like an idiot.

“I like you, Geneva. A lot. And I want to get to know you. I want to know every part of you. Every. Single. Part. But if it seems like I’m going slow, it’s just because I don’t want to fuck this up, either.”

I reached out with shaky hands, placing my palms atop his fingers and clasping them. “I’ve never really known the slow type. Frankly, I’ve never really been the slow type. So I don’t exactly know how this works.”

He shot me a sexy grin. “Well, first, I thought maybe dinner. Tonight. Right now, actually. Do you have other plans?”

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