Caring for me : 6/17/19

For the last few years I’ve faced some changes to my health, some of them related to the fact that I’m now in perimenopause (NOTE: If there are any guys reading this, there’s probably TMI ahead so… you might want to skip these CFM posts? Okay? Okay…)

I’ve been struggling with lots of things including unhappiness with my doctor, increasing weight and waistline, waves of just not feeling good and anxiety.

This month I canceled my appointments with my general practitioner and researched a new doctor, focusing on finding a DO (Doctor of Osteopathic Medicine) instead of an MD (Medical Doctor.) I switched networks and found a “meet the doctor” video for a gal that really struck a chord with me. So I made an appointment!

Have you ever spent 45 minutes with a doctor? Have you ever felt like you could just tell her and ask her any questions you needed without being rushed out of the door? I’m sure I had that at one time in the medical field, but I can honestly say I hadn’t in a VERY VERY long time. I really loved the rapport I felt with Dr. Z and I hope that seeing her will help me get to a better place medically, physically, emotionally… all of that!

So I’m going to start working on some things so I can get back to “Caring for Me” and I thought maybe some of you might enjoy reading about it as I go. I’ll be blogging about weightloss, grief, perimenopause, doctors, essential oils, binaural beats, and lots of other stuff along the way. So stay tuned and look for the CFM posts on The Oh Blog Spot!

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