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all for family - adKay was gorgeous, and not a single dress she’d tried today had looked anything but amazing on her. Still, women were funny about such things, and Meg knew that as well as anyone. Bouncing Melody on her hip, she glanced down at her belly and tried to suck in a little tighter.

“Well, I have one more I’ll put on, but then I need a break. It’ll be time for you ladies to step into the dressing room.”

Meg glanced at the wall where a row of turquoise gowns was situated on a rack, waiting. She took a breath and swallowed, wishing she’d passed on being a bridesmaid. Didn’t Kay have younger, more attractive friends to ask? All the tightly held insecurities of her younger years were brimming up to the surface, and she could feel her cheeks getting flushed with nerves.

“Want me to take her?” Hope asked, reaching her hands for the baby.

Shaking her head, Meg forced a smile. “Oh, no, it’s fine. I think she needs a change though. I’ll just grab your bag and find the bathroom.”

Before Hope could argue, she had the strap in hand and was rushing out of the room. After changing Melody’s diaper, she ran a paper towel under the cold tap and then held it to her neck as she sat down on a cushy chair just next to the door. Her heart was hammering in her chest, and it was all she could do to keep herself from having a full-blown panic attack.

Melody must have sensed her anxiety because she began to grunt and wiggle on her lap. Bringing her up onto her shoulder, Meg patted her back and talked to her in gentle tones.

“Shhh. Aunt Meg is being silly,” she said.

A few minutes passed before she finally brokered the nerve to get up and leave the bathroom. About that time the door swung open, almost hitting her, and she gasped with a start.

“Oh, I’m so sorry, Meg. I was just coming to check on her. Is everything all right?” Hope asked, slipping her hands under the baby’s arms and taking the little one up against her chest. “Kay wants us to each grab a dress now and take a turn. I think she’s tired of the spotlight.”

Meg opened her mouth but couldn’t find the right words to work her way out of the situation. Hope turned to head back into the dressing room while she stood there, agape. After a moment she licked her lips, lifted her chest and followed after her cousin-in-law with butterflies swarming in her belly.

When she stepped into the dressing room and saw the other women with gowns held up to their bodies and giggling with excitement, she was reminded of another time, another wedding and another reason she should have found some way not to be a bridesmaid…

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