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Next Gen Season 1 FINALE!

End of Magic (Next Gen Season 1: Episode 4) (The Bend-Bite-Shift Series 13)

Before the fae revolution, legend spoke of a super witch, with powers strong enough to unite the two realms. The origin of the legend was long forgotten even before the birth of the uber-witch, but when magic is masked, the result could spell disaster for all the two realms have created.

Nona was always considered special. Sweet and angelic, her powers as a Souler were decided even before they fully manifested. As a little girl, her nights were broken by horrific nightmares of the pain and suffering she'd been subjected to as a child supplicant to the Org. But her adopted father Roon ended that with a single wish. Along with their mother Belle, Nona and her siblings found the loving home they'd always wanted.

Still, for years she's known there was something else, something unknown churning within her. The toll paid for suppressing her childhood agonies might mean the end of magic as they all know it.

Kenyon is a new vampire, born into the dark world of Magia Nera. His last memory is a blow to the head that stole all memories of the life he had before the change. A prisoner to a cult growing in power, Kenyon is resigned to his fate before he lays eyes on the mysterious fae princess, Nona. She's a vision of beauty and innocence, and he can't help coveting her?

Can love replace missing memories, or will the void of their stolen past suck them both into the darkness forever?


Releases January 21, 2020
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