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Lost Along the Way (Love & Found Book 2)

Can coming home be a second chance for lost love?

Javi: Papa always told me I should shoot for the stars. I'm a dreamer, and I always had great big plans to go along with those dreams. But instead of moving away to hit it big as a famous chef, I was back home working two jobs to take care of my mom and sister. And the girl I thought I was going to marry someday? Well, things ended between us when we were both still off at college. Just when I'm beginning to doubt all that I once believed in . . . she pops back into my life.

Lizzie: No one ever expected much from me. I'm the youngest of three girls, so I always got all of the attention just by virtue of being the baby. I remember the day I told them I'd been accepted to a college in Ohio for a degree in marketing. Can you say skeptical? But I was going to show everyone that I could become something besides just one of "The Girls." Somehow, though, I got off track. I managed to hide everything from them for almost a year, but it's time to come home, even if it is with my tail between my legs. I thought facing my parents and my sisters would be the hardest part . . . until I ran into him.

Maybe rediscovering our friendship can build into the sort of love that will last forever...

Lost Along the Way

Releases March 26!

Black Blood (Next Gen Episode 3) (The Bend-Bite-Shift Series-12)

The revolution in the faery realm is long over and the life for the fae has found a new rhythm.  But a dark foe is emerging in the human realm, and even the fae queen's own children may find themselves in the crosshairs.