Haunted Musings

I grew up across the street from my high school.  There was an open lot adjacent to the baseball field and directly opposite our place… and at one time there had been a house there.  I have no idea what happened to the house, but the old concrete steps still remained when we were kids.  The Girls – that’s a descriptor for my 2 sisters and I; we were always just “The Girls” – anyway, The Girls and I along with some friends created this entire story about how the house had burned down and that a young lady had died in the fire.  When we walked along in the woods behind that vacant lot we found some shards of a mirror.  Well obviously the girl’s spirit was trapped in that mirror and so we couldn’t dare look into the glass because if she saw us she’d pull us in with her!

There was also this tiny little building out behind our neighbor’s home.  I remember one day The Girls and I snuck over there and went into that little “house.”  We weren’t supposed to be there, probably because the thing was falling apart and we could have killed ourselves playing in it.  However, in our minds we weren’t supposed to be in there because it was haunted.  In that little decrepit building we found a small piece of “Egyptian” artwork made of little stones glued together.  We were certain it was possessed of some power and we all ran from that little house in terror when we dropped it and a piece of it broke off.  We were convinced we were going to be “cursed” forever!

I can also fondly remember the year The Girls and I were going to make our very own haunted house.  I remember us stringing cobwebs along the front deck and going to all sorts of extremes.  But what I remember most was the look of absolute horror on my mothers face when she saw the little babydoll we had “tortured.”  We dripped fake blood all over the poor little thing and then drove a nail into her body.  I’m surprised we weren’t all put up for adoption shortly thereafter.

Needless to say, it never took much to spark up our imaginations and I guess its any wonder my imagination remains as twisted as it is to this day!


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