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Black Blood (Next Gen Season 1: Episode 3) (The Bend-Bite-Shift Series-11)

Since the end of the Org, vampires have gone underground, holding onto their existence by preying on a new generation of magical creatures. With this new foe comes a new hunter, stalking the bloodsuckers in their territory at night. But when the evil infiltrates close to home, even black blood may not protect them.

Jet is dhampir, a true vampire hunter, and he's trained with the best to become the ultimate predator of the new bands of bloodsuckers. The last thing he expects is to find a lovely fae with aspirations to kill any vampire who crosses her path. But not only is she the most gorgeous woman he's ever seen, she also resembles the woman one of his sisters previsioned for him. When she asks him to train her, Jet jumps at the chance.

On the day her parents were viciously murdered by vampires, Willoa became a girl without a country. Growing up in hiding with her crazy aunt, she's all but forsaken the fae realm and has only one goal in life: to become a vampire hunter. She finds her chance when she discovers a true dhampir who agrees to train her. What she doesn't expect is the instant attraction that sparks between them.

Can Willoa be schooled in the hunt fast enough to follow Jet into the darkness?