OH’s Tuesday Tunes: The Way You Drive Me Crazy

There’s no better cure for the winter doldrums than a hot beach romance. My brand-new prequel to my small town beach romance series, Love & Found, drops in just a few days as a part of the Legacies of Love anthology… and it’s just 99 cents for six amazing stories!

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Check out the Tunes:

Music is always a BIG part of my writing inspiration and that is never more true than when I’m in my Love & Found Series.  These stories are so close to my heart because they take place in a fictional version of the beach where so much of my childhood was spent.  And when you read any of the Love and Found stories you’ll know that music and dancing are always on the agenda at Simoneaux Bayou.

 The first song on my playlist, I Met a Girl by William Michael Morgan really sets the tone for Luke and Lacey’s story.  I could listen to that one all day long.  You can take a listen to the entire playlist for The Way You Drive Me Crazy here:

So have a listen and let me know which one brings back all the feels and memories for you.  Then be sure to check out the Legacies of Love anthology too.

Just 99cents! ——–> HERE

About the book:

Can a simple drive lead to something as crazy as love?

Lacey: I’m not adventurous. I’m not a wild child. Crazy isn’t what I do. And I’m certainly not the kind of girl who gets into a car with a total stranger to go off on a wild goose chase. But losing my dad changed things and I’ve been on a mission to find out everything I can about our family heritage. So, if hitching a ride with a cute mechanic from Simoneaux Bayou is needed to track down the last mysterious piece of my genealogy… well, a girl’s gotta do at least one crazy thing in her life, right?

Luke: I’m just a grease-under-the¬-nails diesel mechanic. A mechanic who just happens to be the favorite nephew of one Betty Ruth… as in Betty Ruth’s Country Store. And if there’s one thing Betty Ruth loves, its to put her nephew to work. In her eyes I can fix just about anything, so its not that unusual to get a call from her about the “pretty little girl” who’s car is broken down out at Simoneaux Bayou. But this girl is all woman and its hard to keep my eyes off of her long enough to get a good look at her busted transmission. And when Aunt Betty tells me I have to drive the girl to Lafayette… well, I’m not gonna argue over getting to spend a few hours alone with the best-looking girl a mechanic like me has ever seen, am I?

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