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On June 21, 2011, hubby and I arrived at the Tyler, Texas No Kill Shelter to look at a puppy.  We’d lost our 13+ year old beagle, Molly, earlier that year and hubby wasn’t quite sure he was ready for this step… but I’d already made a few trips to the shelter in search of a new fur-baby.  I thought another beagle would be just the thing and I’d been immediately directed to a teeny, tiny tri-colored puppy.  The shelter’s best guess was that she was a beagle mix.  Bingo!

When Danny met her I bit my lip and nervously waited, hopeful that he would see what I saw in her.  I almost cried when we made our decision and on the drive home we decided to call her Bonnie.


Bonnie Sue’s Adoption Day Pic!

Within a few weeks we were quite surprised when one of her ears suddenly popped up… we began to suspect she might not be a beagle after all.

ear up

Ear Up!

And then within a few more days, the other ear turned up as well.  Our vet informed us that she was most definitely a corgi-mix.  And we have absolutely no regrets about that.  Adopting a shelter pup was one of the best decisions we ever made.  This little girl gives us so much joy and love and entertainment.


Don’t hate me because I’m beautiful…

new-logo1I’ve told everyone I know about the Tyler Humane Society Shelter, now called Pets Fur People.  I saw so many wonderful animals looking for their fur-ever homes and part of me wishes I could have taken more of them.

But that brings me to my BIG news.  When six other authors and I decided to publish an anthology of short stories to benefit animal rescue charities, I knew this would be a wonderful opportunity to tell the world about Pets Fur People.

hardcoverjacket_747x1076I’m so proud to announce that Pets Fur People will be the recipient of a share of the net proceeds from the sale of Love Paws.

And what could make seven contemporary romance shorts by award-winning and best-selling authors even better? Add seven sweet, scene-stealing pets . . . and then make the whole project a benefit for animal rescue charities!

That’s just what we’ve done. LOVE PAWS features short stories with a little bit of steam, a little of sweet and happy endings all around. Each story also includes a pet, just to give the romance a little boost.

This anthology releases April 19th, in celebration of Prevention of Cruelty to Animals Month.

The book is currently on exclusive preorder at iBooks, but links will be available at most retailers soon.


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