If you aren’t already familiar with my books, then you might not know anything about Trivia from Olivia.  But in almost each and every story that I publish, I include a strange, weird, obscure trivia or history snippet.  Hey, I’m married to a historian so it isn’t any wonder, right?

And in The Trouble with Holidays which is included in TROLLING FOR TROUBLE, my trivia was brought mostly by the hubby.

First, there’s PMS.  I was already dating the hubby when I decided to audit one of the history classes he taught at the local university.  I will never forget the day he lectured about PMS; the common aspect of many Native American tribes to be Polytheistic, Matrilineal and to have Sex-linked traits.  I explained the basics of what that means here in the story (read it to find out;-) but I just wanted you guys to know that I didn’t make it up.  The college professor who swept me off my feet about sixteen years ago used that in all of his United States History courses.

During The Trouble with Holidays Lynlee makes this comment about her job:
“I feel like the third string quarterback who gets put into the game at the end of the fourth quarter when we’re already winning two hundred and twenty-two to nothing.”

Originally I wrote 100-0, but when I mentioned it to hubby, he proceeded to tell me about the Cumberland vs Georgia Tech game that ended with a score of 222-0.  He thought he recalled the year of that game to be 1915, but it was actually 1916–still, pretty impressive that his brain can hold all of that “useless” information.


According to what I was able to find online, it appears that Cumberland College discontinued its football program, but that they weren’t allowed to cancel this particular game against Georgia Tech.  The internet provides lots of myths about the game, some of which have been debunked.  But I have to say the quote from the Atlanta Journal pretty much sums up what the game must have been like:

“As a general rule, the only thing necessary for a touchdown was to give a Tech back the ball and holler, ‘Here he comes’ and ‘There he goes.’”

Oh, and one more fun fact.  The coach for Georgia Tech that year?  None other than John Heisman.





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