Prison Break! Enjoy an Excert from Moon Beam Dream

a moon beam dream FINAL“So, any thoughts on what to do about Red?” Rhiannon asked.
“Only one and you won’t like it.”
She dropped her hands and looked hard at her friend, one side of her mouth twitched up in an almost smile, “Tell me anyway.”
“Well we both know breaking a curse is not an easy prospect unless we know who placed it.  We can try to breech the block, but the underworld prisons have existed a long time.  If that were possible, surely someone would have done it by now.  So that means, unless we want to let her suffer for eternity, I say we sneak her out of there.”
“A prison break!” Rhiannon dropped her head back in exasperation, “That’s your idea?  You just said underworld prisons have existed for a long time, how do you expect us to get her past all of that magic.”
Lynlee was quiet which meant she was thinking.  Which might or might not have been a good thing.
Suddenly Rhia stood.  “And, you are not involved in this except on a consultation basis.  You’re injured, remember?”
“Pfft,” the witch waved her hand in the air, dismissing that comment, “I’m fine.  I can help with this.  It’s time for me to get out of this house, Rhia.”
“Uhm, no way.  No way in hell.  Do you know what Beck would do to me?”
“Beck?  He’s human.  You’re a werevamp.  I’m pretty sure you can take him.”
Rhiannon stared down at her friend, “I’ll sedate you if I have to,” she wagged her finger.
Frowning, Lynlee crossed her arms over her chest and pouted, “Fine.”

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Releases May 24, 2016


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