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What could make seven contemporary romance shorts by award-winning and best-selling authors even better? Add seven sweet, scene-stealing pets . . . and then make the whole project a benefit for animal rescue charities!

That’s just what we’ve done. LOVE PAWS features short stories with a little bit of steam, a little of sweet and happy endings all around. Each story also includes a pet, just to give the romance a little boost.

This anthology releases April 18th, in celebration of Prevention of Cruelty to Animals Month. You can preorder your copy today exclusively through iBooks.


Becca Boyd: Fire Up

Rene Folsom: By Chance: A Playing Games Spin-off Novella

Alison Foster: Saving Grace: A Beautiful Ruin Story

Olivia Hardin: All in the Takeoff: A Rawley Family Romance

Tawdra Kandle: My One and Always (An Always Love Short)

Lyssa Layne: Dig Deep

Juli Valenti: Taunt : A Twisted Wolf Tale


A Rawley Family Romance "Deleted Scene"

As a Merry Christmas thank you, here’s a Rawley Family Romance “Deleted Scene.”

Jeremy found Meg in their room, putting the finishing touches on a few gifts.  She was nothing if not overzealous about gift wrapping.  The three boxes were rectangular, and he imagined they must contain clothing of some sort.  The paper was whimsical of the kind he knew his wife would choose for children, and there was a ribbon crisscrossed on each one with a bow in the center.

 “I thought you were finished with the gifts,” he murmured, sneaking in behind her and pecking one of her rosy cheeks.

 “Oh, Jeremy!  You surprised me.  Well, these are the Christmas Eve gifts for the boys, and at the last minute I decided to extend the tradition for Nichole… er, Michelle.”

 He rubbed his hands on her arms as if warming her up, though he couldn’t imagine she would be cold in the room which had a roaring fire.  His touches were ones of affection, and his wife sighed in contentment, offering him a smile across her shoulder.

 “I didn’t remember you wrapping the Christmas Eve ones before.” 

 She bit her lip, then giggled nervously.  “Well, I don’t, but… well, the truth is I just love watching little ones unwrap presents, and so I decided to wrap the baby’s, and if I wrapped hers, I should do the boys, too.”  She paused and furrowed her brow.  “Don’t you think?”

 Jeremy didn’t dare laugh.  His wonderful wife’s feelings were tender enough as it was, so he nodded seriously and gave her a little squeeze.  “Yes, indeed.”  She didn’t like all of the conflict going on in the house after the blow up between his sister Kay and his cousin Brennan. 

 Jeremy had been just as shocked as his sister when he was told the truth about Hope kidnapping baby Michelle.  But for all of his shock, Kay had been furious, and the resulting argument was explosive to say the least.

 For now, there was a silent truce between all concerned, but the tension was still heavy in the air, and that weighed on Meg.  Her natural reaction was to do something to bring happiness and joy back into their midst.

 “Oh, good.  I was hoping this would be all right.  We’ll let the children open them tonight after dinner then, okay?”

 Meg didn’t wait for him to agree this time, just bundled up her boxes and hurried out of the room, humming some Christmas carol as she went. 

 He knew what the boxes would contain.  Meg’s mother hadn’t been an attentive parent, but she had started a tradition that his wife decided to carry on with their children.  There would be matching holiday pajamas for the boys and probably a holiday nightgown for Michelle.  The little ones would go to sleep in their Christmas outfits, visions of sugar plums dancing in their heads.  He could just about imagine them all the next morning, waking up with funny little bed heads and in green and red PJs. 

His heart warmed, and a grin spread across his face.  Even with the cloud of unsettled emotions going on in Arrington Manor, his wife found a way to shine through it all.  Jeremy thought he would never stop marveling at the way his Meg could do tiny little things each day to make him fall in love with her all over again. 

I hope you enjoyed that little “Return to Arrington Manor” Christmas scene.  And if you haven’t seen them yet, The Rawley Family Romances have an all new look!  In 2016 you’ll get two more Rawley stories!

rawley 1-3

If you haven’t read them, click HERE to find all three Rawley Romances.

And now, how about a little “bonus” Christmas!  The first five who respond to this emaiw will get a $5.00 Amazon gift card!  Tell me about your favorite Christmas tradition?

Merry Christmas everyone and thank you for a fabulous 2015!

Olivia Hardin


Melissa Lummis's Nirvana Cover Reveal

The Final Story in the Love and Light Series wraps up Wolf, Loti, Heather, and Christian in an enlightened bow just in time for the holidays…
You can Pre-Order your copy for just 99 cents now:

What is it about the holidays that brings out the drama in every family? And Christian’s unusual hearth and home is no exception. Christmas was never the vampire’s favorite time of year, but when Loti goes into premature labor during a wintry nor-easter he will learn for the first time what family–and maybe even Christmas–is all about.

PMS and Football? #TriviaTuesday #TriviafromOlivia #39to39Event

Trouble with Holidays (3)If you aren’t already familiar with my books, then you might not know anything about Trivia from Olivia.  But in almost each and every story that I publish, I include a strange, weird, obscure trivia or history snippet.  Hey, I’m married to a historian so it isn’t any wonder, right?

And in The Trouble with Holidays (A Lynlee Lincoln Prequel) my trivia was brought mostly by the hubby.  First, there’s PMS.  I was already dating the hubby when I decided to audit one of the history classes he taught at the local university.  I will never forget the day he lectured about PMS; the common aspect of many Native American tribes to be Polytheistic, Matrilineal and to have Sex-linked traits.  I explained the basics of what that means here in the story (read it to find out;-) but I just wanted you guys to know that I didn’t make it up.  The college professor who swept me off my feet about sixteen years ago used that in all of his United States History courses.

During The Trouble with Holidays Lynlee makes this comment about her job:
“I feel like the third string quarterback who gets put into the game at the end of the fourth quarter when we’re already winning two hundred and twenty-two to nothing.”

Originally I wrote 100-0, but when I mentioned it to hubby, he proceeded to tell me about the Cumberland vs Georgia Tech game that ended with a score of 222-0.  He thought he recalled the year of that game to be 1915, but it was actually 1916–still, pretty impressive that his brain can hold all of that “useless” information.


According to what I was able to find online, it appears that Cumberland College discontinued its football program, but that they weren’t allowed to cancel this particular game against Georgia Tech.  The internet provides lots of myths about the game, some of which have been debunked.  But I have to say the quote from the Atlanta Journal pretty much sums up what the game must have been like:

“As a general rule, the only thing necessary for a touchdown was to give a Tech back the ball and holler, ‘Here he comes’ and ‘There he goes.’”

Oh, and one more fun fact.  The coach for Georgia Tech that year?  None other than John Heisman.


Happy Birthday, Cori!

Wooden heart
It bothered me when my middle sister, Cori decided she wanted to be a writer.  Writing was my thing and I was too immature to realize how flattering it should have been.  More than that, I hadn’t the insight to see how talented she was either.  I can only wonder what her gift might have developed into eventually.

Today would have been Cori’s 35th birthday.  I realized about a month ago that 35 was sort of the “magic” number for me in realizing my writing dreams.  And so, even though she’s not physically with us today, I thought Cori deserved to celebrate with her very first published work.  I can almost hear the nervous excitement of her giggling about finding her name on the cover of a book.


Tiffani and Nikki had never been friends, though they’d known each other since kindergarten. When they’re forced to take cover with some of their classmates during a storm, they’ll discover that sometimes good friendships and first loves can be found when you least expect them.

You can get a copy of it both for ebook and in paperback:

 And if you have thoughts and comments, please feel free to leave them here, go to Cori’s Facebook Page or email her family at

about the authorCori was a giver – I can recall so many times that she would give away her own prized possessions to those she loved.

Cori was a lover – She had a heart bigger than Texas and was as loyal as they come.

Cori was a giggler – To this day I can still hear in my mind the sound of that rolling laughter. And she laughed often.

Cori was a toucher – It sometimes annoyed me that she was constantly hugging and touching and grabbing my hand. What I wouldn’t give for that today.

Cori was a writer – she barely had time to explore this talent that I know she clearly had, yet still I know that we’re blessed to have a few pieces that were snippets of the dreams within her heart.

October 9, 1980 to November 26, 1998

“We Keep Our Faith in Our Hearts” – C.E.H.

A Ghoulishly Awesome #TeaserTuesday for you

olivia (1)

IT’S A GHOUL THING is live!  So here’s a teaser from my short, Moon Dust:

Ah the joys of Halloween, Rhiannon thought to herself.

By the time she got off the phone with Lynlee, Trip the dragon had already left.  Geraldine his elf neutralizer was patiently waiting so that she could magically transport Rhiannon back to her home.  Werewolves had lots of nifty tricks, but magical transportation wasn’t one of them.

“All ready?” Geraldine asked.

Rhiannon nodded but just as the elf was about to start her magic, Rhia’s cell phone began to ring again.

“Tell Monty to hold his horses.  I’m just about to get home and I’d at least like a minute to eat.”

“Rhiannon, it’s Sandy.”

When she heard his voice it was as if the floor dropped out from under her and her mind started spinning.  She glanced up at the waiting Geraldine, gaze pleading for help that the woman couldn’t possibly give her.

She licked her lips and struggled to take a breath so that she could speak.  But it was no use.  Her heart was pounding so hard she was pretty sure it was about to thump right out of her chest.

Her secret crush was on the line and she couldn’t seem to conjure a single rational thing to say to him.

“Rhiannon, are you there?” There was a rattling sound and she had the impression he was probably shaking his phone as if they had a bad connection.

She cleared her throat, then managed to mumble, “Mmmhmm,”

“Can you hear me?”


Geraldine took a few steps closer to her, waving her hand in front of Rhia’s face.  “Are you okay?” she whispered.


“I’ve got a problem with one of my kids.  I think we need a doctor.”

She blinked in confusion and pulled the phone away from her ear to frown at it a few seconds before resuming the somewhat one-sided conversation.  “You’re a dad?”

“A dad?  No, I’m talking about my job.  As a Sandman.  You do know who this is, right?”

Of course she knew who it was.  He was Bartholomew Winstead, one of about fifty Sandmen throughout the world.  It was his job to help children and sometimes adults find their way into dreamland.  By night, when on the paranormal job, he used the name Sandy; the names were his version of Superman vs Clark Kent identities.

But Sandy was more like the man from Krypton than just his penchant for nicknames.  His looks were classically handsome with dark brown hair that was always coiffed just so and a nearly perfect body.  His shoulders were broad above a narrow waist and he was tall enough that even she, a fairly tall werewolf female, had to look up at him.

The truth was that he was so strikingly sexy to her that simply looking at him turned her limbs to jelly.  And the few times he’d spoken directly to her, she’d been in dangerous risk of simply passing out cold.

Yes, she had it bad for this particularly MAUC.  Unfortunately for her, it was common knowledge that he only had eyes for Rhiannon’s BFF, Lynlee Lincoln.

“Yes, Sandy.  I know you.  So what’s going on with your … kid?”

“It’s a long story, but I’d really like you to get here right away.  Do you have time?”

“Uhm, yeah.  Sure I can do that,” she scratched at her belly to try to force away the butterflies squirming around in there.  “Where are you exactly?”

“It’s a cabin in Colorado.  Pretty far from you probably, but if we called Lynlee…”

“No!” she interrupted him a little too quickly and too loudly.  She loved her best friend, but she knew the witch had absolutely no interest in the Sandman.  And this might be her one and only chance to get to know him better without him being distracted by the girl he liked.  “I’m just finishing a call with an elf.  Let me give the phone to Geraldine and she can send me there.”

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Check out this #TeaserTuesday Post for All for Family, the Latest Rawley Romance #YouAreBeautiful

How about a #teasertuesday sneak peak of All for Family?  

all for family - adKay was gorgeous, and not a single dress she’d tried today had looked anything but amazing on her. Still, women were funny about such things, and Meg knew that as well as anyone. Bouncing Melody on her hip, she glanced down at her belly and tried to suck in a little tighter.

“Well, I have one more I’ll put on, but then I need a break. It’ll be time for you ladies to step into the dressing room.”

Meg glanced at the wall where a row of turquoise gowns was situated on a rack, waiting. She took a breath and swallowed, wishing she’d passed on being a bridesmaid. Didn’t Kay have younger, more attractive friends to ask? All the tightly held insecurities of her younger years were brimming up to the surface, and she could feel her cheeks getting flushed with nerves.

“Want me to take her?” Hope asked, reaching her hands for the baby.

Shaking her head, Meg forced a smile. “Oh, no, it’s fine. I think she needs a change though. I’ll just grab your bag and find the bathroom.”

Before Hope could argue, she had the strap in hand and was rushing out of the room. After changing Melody’s diaper, she ran a paper towel under the cold tap and then held it to her neck as she sat down on a cushy chair just next to the door. Her heart was hammering in her chest, and it was all she could do to keep herself from having a full-blown panic attack.

Melody must have sensed her anxiety because she began to grunt and wiggle on her lap. Bringing her up onto her shoulder, Meg patted her back and talked to her in gentle tones.

“Shhh. Aunt Meg is being silly,” she said.

A few minutes passed before she finally brokered the nerve to get up and leave the bathroom. About that time the door swung open, almost hitting her, and she gasped with a start.

“Oh, I’m so sorry, Meg. I was just coming to check on her. Is everything all right?” Hope asked, slipping her hands under the baby’s arms and taking the little one up against her chest. “Kay wants us to each grab a dress now and take a turn. I think she’s tired of the spotlight.”

Meg opened her mouth but couldn’t find the right words to work her way out of the situation. Hope turned to head back into the dressing room while she stood there, agape. After a moment she licked her lips, lifted her chest and followed after her cousin-in-law with butterflies swarming in her belly.

When she stepped into the dressing room and saw the other women with gowns held up to their bodies and giggling with excitement, she was reminded of another time, another wedding and another reason she should have found some way not to be a bridesmaid…

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The Things I Never Said by Jo Raven ~ It’s Micah and Evangeline’s first Summer together– so why is Micah acting strange? Evangeline would do anything to see him smile. 

Perfectly Equipped by Lacey Silks ~ First impressions at a nudist resort are everything, but April never expected to meet the perfectly equipped man. 

Kidnapped (A Billionaires in Disguise: Rae Epilogue) by Blair Babylon ~ Not even a billionaire’s private security can protect you from your family. 

A FAN-TAB-ULOUS NIGHT by Olivia Rigal ~ Ryan doesn’t want to commit and Tab wants to play. They’re a perfect match.

Before Flesh by Sky Corgan ~ Every bad boy has an origin story. 

Take It Easy by Daisy Prescott ~ When Diane and Hailey join John and Tom in the San Juans, it is not a typical camping trip for the former wingmen. 

Pandora’s Box by Sarah M. Cradit ~ A peculiar heart meets its mate. Fate, though, has other plans. 

Hot Hotel: Scorched Into Submission by Daizie Draper ~ When she’s stood up by her online sexter, Divine meets a hot Dom instead. 

Braving Love by S.j Mayer ~ A scarred and broken stuntman looking for redemption . . . can he find it in the arms of a soft-spoken southern girl? 

Always Enough by Molly McLain ~ They went straight from falling in love to raising a kid and working opposite shifts. Time for a lovers’ getaway! 

Mine in Dreams (A Bend-Bite-Shift Prequel) by Olivia Hardin ~ Daeglan belongs to the faery realm and Meggie to the human one, a forbidden romance. 

Like Home by Mira Bailee ~ A reunion isn’t complete without scandal. Betrayal, old love, new revelations… and the paparazzi. 

Unshakable by J.C. Valentine ~ While Jami and Ally are preparing to bring a new life into the world, Don is forced to fight for his life. 

Yearning to Yield by Pavarti K. Tyler ~ High school reunions are lame, unless your teenage crush has the same fetish as you. A Sugar House Story. 

Mated in Bearfield by Jacqueline Sweet ~ Wedding day in Bearfield means naked in-laws, cubs eating your dessert, and a mating frenzy. 

Le Moulin by JC Andrijeski ~ Spy. Assassin. Seer. Terian is all of those, but when he finds his first love a slave in war-torn Paris, he vows to save her. 

Jesse’s Girl by Alison Foster ~ Jesse and Emma were the best of friends until the day she asked him to take her innocence, and he said no. 

Dude by Gillian Cherry ~ What happens when a curvy city girl heads to a Texas dude ranch for her long-lost mother’s wedding? 

The Billionaire Biker’s Bitch by Layla Wilcox ~ Graduate [X] Break up with boyfriend [X] Perfect summer job [X] One crazy night [ ] 

Swaying Fate by Irma Geddon ~ Atropos, the Fate who ends lives, never expected to walk one night into Old Cupid’s bar and fall in love. 

First Class Scoundrel by Liv Morris ~ A recently jilted bride meets a devilishly handsome scoundrel in this tropical Pride and Prejudice. 

Gender Studies 101 by Dani Dundee ~ In a class of 100-odd women, there’s one guy, Thomas. I’m going to have a little fun.

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For Love of Fae Box Set Just #99cents for a Limited Time!

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Step into the faery realm:  Here, it is, what is…

Sweet Magic Song (For Love of Fae Book One): Belle Bittner was sold to the highest bidder when she was just a child, sought for the magic lying dormant in her blood. She grew up as the adopted daughter of a wealthy vampire couple, and serving the child-trafficking Org seemed her only option in life. But Belle has other plans, and she won’t let anyone get in the way of her escape, even if it means betraying those who try to help her.

Transcendent (For Love of Fae Book Two): To the Women on the Hill McKenna is a spy who sails the nightwind to keep close tabs on her people. In truth, McKenna is a double operative, an integral part of an underground rebellion. The Women are secretly bleeding the fae of their powers then banishing them to the Island Anethemusa; but the Dissenters, rebels who suffer under the crushing power of the Women, mean to put an end to their reign.

A Dangerous Season (For Love of Fae Book Three):The faery realm is in a frenzy now that the Women on the Hill are no longer united in power. The fabric of life as the fae know it is changing, and with it the dynamics of friends, lovers and neighbors.

plus, One Bite Paradise (A Bend-Bite-Shift Short): Jill’s wish gave Doc a new chance at life – literally. Almost a decade of years have passed since Jill watched her lover get killed and now that time is like a chasm between them. Can they learn how to make One Bite of Paradise become an eternity?

About the Author:FotoFlexer_Photo

When Olivia Hardin started having movie-like dreams in her teens, she had no choice but to begin putting them to paper. Before long, the writing bug had bitten her, and she knew she wanted to be a published author. Several rejections plus a little bit of life later, she was temporarily “cured” of the urge to write. That is, until she met a group of talented and fabulous writers who gave her the direction and encouragement she needed to get lost in the words again.

Olivia has attended three different universities over the years and toyed with majors in Computer Technology, English, History and Geology. Then one day she heard the term “road scholar,”’ and she knew that was what she wanted to be. Now she “studies” anything and everything just for the joy of learning. She’s also an insatiable crafter who only completes about 1 out of 5 projects, a jogger who hates to run, and she’s sometimes accused of being artistic.

A native Texas girl, Olivia lives in the beautiful Lone Star state with her husband, Danny and their puppy, Bonnie.

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#Triviatuesday or your friendly Texan Public Service Announcement

This weeks #triviatuesday post is more like a public service announcement so bear with me…

Texas History is awesome. I mean, absolutely, positively ah-mazing. If you’re a Texan, you learned it in school. If you’re not, you probably learned it from books, legends and movies. So, please, please if you’re watching the History Channel’s Texas Rising, know that it is really just so much hyperbole and Hollywood salaciousness. If you want a better picture of Texas History, I have two recommendations for you.  These are still “edutainment” type productions, in that there is much entertaining interpretation involved, but certainly of a higher ilk than the History Channel’s production.

Check out Gone to Texas, staring Sam Elliott

And best of all, Gone to Texas was produced by JD Feigelson who might be better known for his horror flick, Dark Night of the Scarecrow.  Feigelson is actually from the Golden Triangle, my home-town area and hubby said he’s a fascinating man in person.

Second, and yes this is a plug for my terrific spouse, Danny Sessums, but if you go to San Antonio, Texas you should head over to the IMAX Theater and see Alamo The Price of Freedom.

The hubby actually helped train and lead the Mexican troops for the movie production and always tells the story of how he had to issue orders differently for the three different groups of men portraying Santa Ana’s army: in English, in Castillan Spanish and then in the mix of Spanish/English spoken in Mexico.

So, don’t if you’re interested in Texas history, check these movies out.  And if anyone from the History Channel is watching… its okay to produce a fictional, entertainment only film.  Just don’t do it under the guise of “history.”  I mean, seriously, most of the stuff shown on the history channel today isn’t even remotely related to history in my opinion.  Let’s try to add a bit more educational value, pretty please.